Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Mary Cummins, February 2013

Indybay’s Long History of Allowing Mary Cummins to Defame Innocent People.

For the past deacade, Indybay has been allegedly accepting large donations from Mary Cummins, President of the suspended non-profit called Animal Advocates and Cummins Real Estate Services. Indybay then allows Mary Cummins to post outlandish false statements of fact about judges, attorneys, political figures, nonprofit organizations and others that Mary Cummins is stalking. Not only does Indybay allow Mary Cummins to create defamation on their pages, Indybay refuses to remove defamatory articles that Mary Cummins creates about the people she is stalking, even when a court-order and copyright infringement is involved. Indybay also deletes articles that prove the complete opposite of what Mary Cummins has posted.

The San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center, more commonly known as Indybay, was founded in the year 2000 and is run by an "all-volunteer Indybay Collective." Along with the international Independent Media Center network, Indybay touts themselves a pioneer of open publishing on the internet, creating a space for people to publish their own articles, photos, video, audio, and PDFs online years before corporate websites such as Flickr, Scribd, and YouTube appeared. Perhaps it is not surprising that over the course of these past dozen years, there have been numerous requests to remove content published by Indybay users, likely because absolutely anyone can post anything to Indybay, including child molesters, sociopaths, murderers and cyber-stalkers, and of course, malcontents like Mary Cummins.
In typical yellow-journalism style, the flailing Indybay presents little or no legitimate or well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to attract attention. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events or defamation, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism. By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.

As one attorney wrote, "Indybay is a disgusting site that hides behind the Communications Decency Act when it likes the posts on its site but takes down any posts it doesn’t like.  Clearly an abuse of the law and not what was intended by the law."

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